ScaleBase Free Analysis Genie

Determine the best way to scale out your database

The Analysis Genie is a free SaaS offering that lets you independently analyze your scale out options. It gives DBAs, data architects and programmers the information needed to choose the optimal data distribution policy for your specific application and database. 

The Analysis Genie automates the transition from a single MySQL instance to a modern, powerful, distributed database cluster.

Determine Your Scale Out Readiness - The Genie determines your readiness to scale out by analyzing your existing schema and queries.

No Operational Investment Needed - The Genie is a SaaS offering, requiring no operational resources. Application data is captured in your production environment – seamlessly tapping the network, with no service interruption.

Simple Modern GUI - The Genie provides a detailed visualization of the data model and relations hierarchy.  It delivers efficiency scores and scale out guidelines by identifying shard groups, tables and keys – enabling you to make accurate decisions on how to distribute your data.
Scalebase Analysis GenieIf you prefer, ScaleBase experts are also available for advanced analysis. Please contact us here

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