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Move to A Distributed MySQL Database
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  • Developing a New App?

    • Design for web scale from the start
    • Ensure high availability
    • Reduce time-to-market
    • Cloud-ready deployment
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    Scaling an Existing App?

    • No changes to your app
    • Distribute MySQL - keep ACID
    • Geo-distribute your data
    • Migrate to the cloud
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    • Deploys in minutes
    • Dynamic scale out
    • Easy to manage
    • Continuous availability
    • Online database rebalancing
    • Instantly Scale Out AWS Apps
    • Reduce Cost
    • Decrease Time to Market
    • Build New Apps for Web Scale
    • No Changes to App Code
    • Keep ACID/SQL
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Relational. Distributed. Powerful.

How Customers Use ScaleBase

Develop a New App with Scalability
Scale Out Applications and Databases
Cloud Migration
Load Balancing via Read/Write Splitting
Automated Failover/HA
Centralized Management of a Distributed Database
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